The Return of the Table Tennis Tournament: Yahoo! Reclaims the Golden Paddle

Categories : Recognition & Awards, Research Park
Posted on: July 8, 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Research Park Table Tennis Tournament returned and celebrated the 11th annual event. The event was a huge success filled with impressive players and enthusiastic spectators.

This year, the tournament field included 64 participants and split into two days of competition.  The first day consisted of round-robin games where the participants of each bracket played four rounds of one individual game.

The results of day one were used to seed participants for the single-elimination tournament played on the second day.

After two evenings full of intense competition, showcased skills, and lots of fun and excitement, the tournament came to a close and the winners earned their titles. Yahoo reclaimed the Golden Paddle from AbbVie, this being Yahoo’s 10th year of earning the most points for their company.

Here is the set of winners from each bracket:


    1. Mohammed Malik – Country Financial
    2. Edward Tomlins – Ameren
    3. Rohan Simha – Aviatrix
      Mohit Mayank – Aviatrix


  1. Nikhil Shenoy – Motorola Solutions
  2. Mingzhe Zhao – Yahoo!
  3. Danny Koch – Synchrony
    Ved Shah – Country Financial


  1. Anh Nguyen – Yahoo!
  2. Asim Chitre – Synchrony
  3. Fei Deng – Yahoo!
    Rishabh Tripathi – Country Financial

You can find the full final bracket standings on our Research Park Table Tennis webpage.

Photos from the event are available to look through in our media gallery.