Table Tennis Tournament 2022

Table Tennis 2022

Thank you to all of the participants of this year’s Table Tennis Tournament! It was awesome to see so many talented individuals come out to play. Looking forward to next year!

Research Park’s 2022 Table Tennis Tournament Winners: 

Beginner Bracket

1st: Mohammed Malik – Country Financial

2nd: Edward Tomlins – Ameren

3rd: Rohan Simha – Aviatrix

3rd: Mohit Mayank – Aviatrix

Intermediate Bracket

1st: Nikhil Shenoy – Motorola Solutions

2nd: Mingzhe Zhao – Yahoo!

3rd: Danny Koch – Synchrony

3rd: Ved Shah – Country Financial

Advanced Bracket

1st: Anh Nguyen – Yahoo!

2nd: Asim Chitre – Synchrony

3rd: Fei Deng – Yahoo!

3rd: Rishabh Tripathi – Country Financial


For additional information, click here: Olympics Table Tennis Rules.


Score difference is calculated by adding your opponent’s scores. If you have a tied number of wins with another player, seed placement will be determined by score difference. Tied players with lower score differences will be placed at higher seeds.