EnterpriseWorks incubator, University of Illinois Research Park

EnterpriseWorks is a technology business incubator that supports University of Illinois and community entrepreneurs in all stages of their startup journey.

Its clients build and create disruptive technologies across a wide range of areas, reflecting the depth and breadth of the university expertise in agtech, biotechnology, chemical sciences, software development, materials sciences and more.

EnterpriseWorks startups are working to address challenges with results that are transformative. More often than not, they are bringing leading University of Illinois research to the marketplace.

EnterpriseWorks remains the heart of the Research Park’s community building efforts, and ensures the intersection of the Research Park’s startup and corporate innovation community with faculty, students, and staff at the University. Its atrium is a hub of activity, housing meetups and workshops.

Join Us

As we say at EnterpriseWorks: we don’t check your LinkedIn at the door.

You don’t have to have a formed a company or even have an idea for a startup to participate.

All are welcome to attend events and request resources such as meetings with our Entrepreneurs in Residence, Designer-in-Residence, SBIR Technical Assistance, and more. 

Some programs may have minimum requirements to gain access, but don’t worry, we’ll let you know when that’s the case.

What EnterpriseWorks Offers: Labs, Offices, and Much More

There are 23 wet labs at EnterpriseWorks, each with different configurations that are designed to suit a variety of sectors and use cases. Offices at EnterpriseWorks range in size, accommodating anywhere from one to eight people. It has a shared equipment lab, a maker lab, coworking space, kitchen and conference rooms. (Download an overview here.)

But EnterpriseWorks is much more than a building. Benefits include access to:

  • University of Illinois lab equipment and facilities
  • Lab supplies at reduced educational rates
  • Our student shared services team, who help our companies develop their visual brands. 
  • A community of entrepreneurs who are sharing the same experiences – a peer network beyond compare.

Becoming a Tenant at EnterpriseWorks: How to Apply

To become a tenant or affiliate at EnterpriseWorks, a company must apply. See the application process below.

All leases in EnterpriseWorks last one year; renewal is based on company progress and the continued need of incubation services. The typical incubation period is three to five years.

Tenant Resources

Tenant Discounts

EnterpriseWorks companies have access to a variety of tenant discounts including discounts on payment platforms, customer relationship management, hosting programs, and more.

If you are a current EnterpriseWorks tenant and would like more information on how to access these discounts, contact Roger West at [email protected].


EnterpriseWorks was built in 2003 to help successfully launch early-stage technology companies. The incubator is owned and operated by the University of Illinois. Since opening, EnterpriseWorks has launched more than 250 startup companies and many more aspiring entrepreneurs.

Named as one of Inc Magazine’s “Top 3 College Town Incubators” and as one of Forbes‘ “10 Technology Incubators Changing the World,” EnterpriseWorks is an incubator facility and resource center for science and technology focused entrepreneurs.

EnterpriseWorks Expansion

The vision for the EnterpriseWorks Expansion and Research Park Commons plan is to provide adequate lab facilities for growth-stage startup companies and to add community spaces creating an environment for creative collisions. Learn more about the plan here.