Verizon Media Group (Yahoo!)

1908 S. First St. Champaign, IL

Verizon Media is a leader in providing online content and mobile applications for its consumer base of hundreds of millions of people around the world.  Here at the Research Park, the Verizon Media group focuses on building large-scale platforms and applications powered by data.  There are two major organizations represented — the Technology Platforms team and the Data Engineering group.  The Technology Platforms team manages the large-scale infrastructure for supporting data, networking, and machine learning for the company.  The Data Engineering group oversees data for the entire company by real-time data transport, pipelines, analytics, reporting, and machine learning applications.  The office comprises of 180 technical staff including software engineers, data scientists, and management roles.

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Verizon Media Group (Yahoo) at Research Park

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Positions and skills at Verizon Media Group (Yahoo!)

  • Verizon Media Group has offered positions for back-end software development, front-end, user interface, and data science engineers.
  • Verizon Media Group looks for candidates with excellent problem solving, written, organization, and communication skills