EnterpriseWorks Tenant Services and Resources

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The EnterpriseWorks Tenant Portal serves as a way to centralize important resources and information for EnterpriseWorks tenants. Below, you’ll find information about access, maintenance, and the wide ranging benefits of being a tenant at EnterpriseWorks.
Maintenance, Rent, Mail/Shipping, and More
Here you will find the most common resources that EnterpriseWorks tenants may need, such as submitting maintenance requests, how to pay rent, and more.
Submitting a Maintenance Request
Submitting a Maintenance Request Please complete the online service request form, and an EnterpriseWorks staff member will contact you for scheduling. If this is an maintenance related emergency outside of regular business hours, please call (217) 333-0340

Submit a Maintenance Request

Paying Your Rent
Paying Your Rent
Tenants will receive a paper invoice from the University of Illinois, delivered to their EW mailbox. Rent is due by the 28th of the same month. Payment can be made by check, mailed to the address on the invoice, or via online portal (see instructions below).
Sending and Receiving Mail/Packages
Sending and Receiving Mail/Packages Incoming Mail and Shipping​ 
  • Each company is provided a mailbox located on the first floor.​ 
  • For items that are incoming that are large and require a lift gate or dock, please contact Jim Wells, Facility Manager, to make delivery arrangements.​ 
Outgoing Mail and Shipping​ 
  • Outgoing USPS mail can be placed in the North entrance USPS labeled mailbox​ 
  • Outgoing packages can also be left on the outgoing racks at the North entrance of EW, after calling UPS/FedEx/DHL/Amazon to arrange for pickup​ 
  • FedEx has a drop box [6:15 pm pick-up] located in parking lot to the east of EnterpriseWorks​ 
  • The receiving dock on the west end of the building houses a pallet jack, dolly, and two small carts  
Using the EnterpriseWorks Printer
Using the EnterpriseWorks Printer For instructions on how to properly configure your device for use of the EnterpriseWorks printer, please see the attached instruction document below.

Setting Up the EnterpriseWorks Printer

Getting Access to the Building
Getting Access to the Building Your Keycard is used to enter the EnterpriseWorks building, wet lab, and shared equipment spaces​.  For any tenant or employee who needs access to their office/lab space in the EnterpriseWorks building, please request a Prox Card using the form below. Your request will be processed, and you will receive an email from Sheri Wilson with further instructions.  

Request a Prox Card Here

Conference Rooms, Atrium, Outdoor Spaces
Atrium with people
Here at EnterpriseWorks, we have a wide variety of spaces that are available for reservations, including conference rooms, outdoor patio space, and the atrium. Reserve a space here.
Meeting in Conference Rooms

Meeting in Conference Rooms

Conference Room 115 holds 8 - 10 people 

Conference Room 215 holds 10 - 12 people 

Conference Room 220 holds 12 - 15 people 

McMillan Meeting Room (130) holds 25 people 

Conference rooms include features such as: 

  • Polycom conference phone 
  • White board walls and LCD TV for wireless laptop hook up 
  • UIUC wireless and hard wired connections 
  • McMillan Meeting Room (130) has built-in projection system and laptop 

Click to Reserve a Conference Room

Gathering in the Atrium

Gathering in the Atrium

The atrium is a hub of activity, housing meetups, and workshops with seating space for  up to 50 people at rounds or 80 people theatre-style . This space also functions as the primary lunch and breakroom for EnterpriseWorks staff and tenants.

Coming Together in our Outdoor Spaces

Coming Together in our Outdoor Spaces

The Outdoor Patio w/ Grill & Refrigerator holds 20 people and is perfect for fun and relaxed events. On the East side of the building, there are also permanent outdoor tables with umbrellas, which do not require any reservation.

Labs, Coworking Spaces, and More
EnterpriseWorks Tenant Services and Resources 3 EnterpriseWorks Tenant Services and Resources
Here at EnterpriseWorks, we offer a variety of shared spaces for anyone to use, such as shared lab space, co-working spaces, a kitchen and more.
Using the Shared Equipment Lab

Shared Equipment Lab 

EnterpriseWorks Suite 200 is a shared equipment lab with access for lab tenants at no additional charge. 

Equipment List: 

  • Eppendorf Centrifuge 5415D X2 
  • Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810R 
  • Sorval Centrifuge RCC5 Plus 
  • Yamato Drying Oven DX302 
  • DDM Novistar GF-B Reflow Oven 
  • Consolidated Autoclave 
  • Accument A15 Plus PH Meter 
  • Mettler Toldeo AX304 Balance 
  • Thermo Scientific GenPure Pro UV/UF DI Water system 
  • Leica S6E Microscope 
  • Fischer Scientific 
  • Stereomaster 
  • Microscope 
  • Dry ice is available for tenant use 
Using the Coworking Spaces

Using the Coworking Spaces

EnterpriseWorks has a coworking space on the second floor on the West end of the building, available for use at anytime with common area desks, phone-booth rooms for private calls, and a lounge space that can be used for relaxing, meetings, or a quiet place to work.

Using the Maker Space

Maker Space

EnterpriseWorks Suite 143 is a shared maker space with access for lab tenants at no additional charge.

Equipment List:

  • Mill/TDrill/Tapping Machine, Grizzly G0519
  • Horizontal Bandsaw, Grizzly G0622
  • Miter Saw
  • 3D Printer, Ultimaker 3
  • 3D printer, UP Mini
  • Laser Cutter
  • Air compressor
  • Metal Lathe, Grizzly G0602Z
  • Vertical Bandsaw, Porter Cable
  • Drill Press, Porter Cable
  • Belt Sander
  • Bench grinder
  • Various hand tools
Using the Kitchen


The kitchen area includes:

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator​
  • Microwave ovens​
  • Toaster oven​
  • Plasticware​
  • Soda/snack machines in the dock area​
  • Coffee and condiments​
  • Ceramic coffee cups​
  • Hot water kettle​
  • Variety of teas from Tiesta Tea​
  • Assorted ramen noodle cups
Safety Plan
  • Each tenant is responsible for creating and maintaining a lab safety plan.
    • Tenants are in the unique position of being a business in a University building.
    • EnterpriseWorks is part of the University of Illinois Research Park, and falls under the DRS (Division of Research Safety) umbrella.
  • DRS has provided detailed handouts that cover important safety related topics, including:
  • DRS provided trainings, along with the handouts provided here, are a starting point for creating your first Lab Safety Plan.
    • Tenants are required to have a Lab Safety Plan.
Resources, Shared Services, and More
Shared Services team
As a tenant at EnterpriseWorks, you’re provided with numerous benefits, such as our Entrepreneurial Resources, Shared Services projects, and more.
Browse the Entrepreneurship Library

Browse the Entrepreneurship Library

EnterpriseWorks offers a library full of books on business development, entrepreneurism, innovation, and more.

Browse the Library

Learn About Entrepreneurship Resources & Programs

Entrepreneurship Resources & Programs 

EnterpriseWorks offers a wide variety of Entrepreneurship Resources and Programs for tenants to take advantage of. Learn more at the link below.

Learn About Entrepreneurship Resources & Programs

Submit a Request for Shared Services

Shared Services 

The EnterpriseWorks incubator at the University of Illinois offers a Shared Services Program to help its clients with short-term project needs. 

Let our diverse team of student specialists help your company with a variety of projects in areas such as graphic design, social media, web development, and business strategy.

Learn More About Shared Services

Parking, Electric Vehicle Charging, Bike Tags, and More
At EnterpriseWorks, we want to make sure everyone has a path to Research Park, which is why we’ve provided information about parking, bus routes, vehicle charging, and more.
Bus Routes in Research Park

Bus Routes in Research Park

The public transit system in Urbana-Champaign makes travelling to and from Research Park easy. Learn more about the bus routes at the link below.

Learn About Bus Routes

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charging  

In the southeast corner of the EnterpriseWorks’ parking lot, electric vehicle charging is available for use by Research Park employees.

Learn About Charging Electric Vehicles

Parking at EnterpriseWorks

Parking (same as Incubator page) 

EnterpriseWorks offers two available permit parking lots to tenants and their employees: 

  • North Parking Lot (entrance on Oak St) 
  • East Parking Lot (entrance on Hazelwood Dr) 

For any tenant or employee that needs a parking pass for the EnterpriseWorks parking lot, please see Sheri Wilson at the EnterpriseWorks front desk. 

Registering Your Bike

Registering Your Bike

Research Park has bicycle paths and docks, making getting here easy for bike-riders. Registering for the Project 529 Shield tag protects your bike.

Learn More About Bikes & Registration