Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging 4 Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Around the Park

There are several locations across the Research Park campus where you can find electric vehicle charging stations.

  • The I Hotel and Conference Center provides guests with access to stations that power hybrid vehicles and Teslas. These stations are located on hotel property and are available for use by hotel guests and Houlihan’s restaurant patrons. The stations consist of one Tesla High Power Charging station and an electric vehicle (J1772) charging station. This is part of the I Hotel’s sustainability efforts and responsibility of reducing the consumption of water, waste, and energy throughout the hotel.
  • EnterpriseWorks is home to a ChargePoint electric vehicle charger, suiting most electric vehicles, including Teslas. ChargePoint is the world’s leading electric vehicle charging network and has won environmental achievement awards from organizations including the United Nations, Global Cleantech, Goldman Sachs, and Electrek. ChargePoint is a simple-to-use station with a “tap to charge” option compatible with a mobile app.
  • Behind the John Deere Building, an EVlink from Schneider Electric is available. This station is compatible with all types of electric vehicles (fully electric and plug-in hybrids). Here, vehicles can be charged up to 80% of battery capacity in under 30 minutes.