Faculty Engagement

Research Park companies have access to University of Illinois faculty. Through the Expert-in-Residence program, company leadership can engage faculty on business needs including design, data science, and supply chain management. Whether a Corporate Innovation Center or a startup at EnterpriseWorks, these experts are available to consult Research Park companies at no charge.

Faculty Engagement


Robert Brunner

Robert Brunner

Robert Brunner provides consulting to Research Park companies through his role as Data Science Expert-in-Residence. Brunner is a Professor in the School of Information Sciences and in the Department of Accounting in the College of Business at the University of Illinois with interests in big data challenges involving data analysis, visualization, and mining.  Robert has led Big Data Short courses that focused on topics in visualization and the use of Hadoop and HPC resources for data analytics.  As the Data Science Expert-in-Residence, Robert provides guidance to clients by applying advanced computational and statistical techniques to astronomical data to gain insights that are applicable to business.

Jana Diesner

Jane Diesner

Dr. Jana Diesner is a faculty member in the iSchool and earned her PhD in CS from Carnegie Mellon University. Diesner conducts research at the nexus of network science, natural language processing and machine learning. Her research contributes computational analysis of the interplay and co-evolution of information and the structure and functioning of socio-technical networks.

If your company is interest in working with one of our Faculty Experts-in-Residence, please contact Laura Bleill at lwbleill@illinois.edu.

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