Indoor Climate Research and Training

2111 S. Oak St. Champaign, IL

Indoor Climate Research and Training (ICRT) conducts basic research at the intersection of energy efficiency and indoor air quality, and also runs the training program for the Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program which provides weatherization services to families around the state of Illinois. Research projects include studies on radon, ventilation, and combustion safety and the impacts on human health. ICRT is part of the Applied Research Institute (ARI) within the University of Illinois College of Engineering. ARI is a unique university-based laboratory, where industry and federal clients connect with researchers in an integrated environment to understand their needs and rapidly bring solutions to the market. ARI provides rapid, cost-effective solutions to problems of mutual interest across sectors and agencies of government, with a sharp focus on the commercial development of technologies that are validated before they leave the laboratory.

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Wired In Interview with Paul Francisco, Manager of University of Illinois' Indoor Climate Research and Training Program

Indoor Climate Research and Training at Research Park