Over 120 companies, including more than 70 homegrown startups, are located at the Research Park. We're home to international and publicly-traded companies, including Fortune 500 corporations.  Browse our tenant directory to learn more about and connect with these companies. For more information on joining the Research Park at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, click here.


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Bridg is an enterprise SaaS data infrastructure company on a mission to make customer data accessible and actionable for... Read More

Brunswick I-Jet Lab

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Brunswick is an industry leader in the marine space who focus on lifestyle products like recreational boats, marine ... Read More

Cache Energy

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Cache Energy is developing a heat battery that can store energy as heat indefinitely and release when needed, either as ... Read More

Capital One Illinois Digital Campus Lab

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The Capital One Illinois Digital Campus Lab is the company's first university-based lab site, focusing on research and e... Read More

Cargill Innovation Lab at UIUC

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Cargill's mission is to nourish the world safely, responsibly, and sustainably. As the world constantly changes, Car... Read More

Carl R. Woese IGB RIPE Plant Transformation Facility

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The RIPE Plant Transformation Facility provides lab and office space for Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency (... Read More


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The Carle Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Building, constructed in 2017, covers 52,000 square feet and is solely occupied... Read More


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Computer Application and Systems Integration (CASI), is a technology and business services company delivering robust sol... Read More

Champaign Caterpillar Innovation Center

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The Caterpillar Champaign Innovation Center brings together resources from key fields for the company's research and dev... Read More

Chesterbrook Academy

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Chesterbrook Academy Preschool Champaign expertly combines academics and structured play for students ages 6 weeks to Pr... Read More