Over 120 companies, including more than 70 homegrown startups, are located at the Research Park. We're home to international and publicly-traded companies, including Fortune 500 corporations.  Browse our tenant directory to learn more about and connect with these companies. For more information on joining the Research Park at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, click here.

Ameren Innovation Center

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Ameren was created by the combination of three Illinois utilities (CIPSCO Incorporated, CILCO Inc. and Illinois Power Co... Read More

American Supply Association D.Next

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The D.Next research and innovation lab is focused on the distribution portion of the value chain that provides our homes... Read More

Amplified HR

Amplified HR was founded in 2015 when the HR Director for a national franchise chain was desperate to give franchisees a... Read More

Archi’s Academy

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Archi’s Academy specializes in making people employable through first-class software development training, hands-on te... Read More

Aviatrix Systems

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Aviatrix, the pioneer of secure cloud networking, delivers advanced cloud networking, network security, and operatio... Read More

AXIS Research Center

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AXIS is a leading global specialty insurer and reinsurer, providing clients and distribution partners with a range of ri... Read More

Bayer Crop Science

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Bayer Crop Science Innovation Center uses the latest in digital tools and data to drive agricultural innovations, which ... Read More


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BlooMD is focused on finding natural sources of bioactive compounds that could be used in human health, animal health, a... Read More

Boston Bioprocess

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Boston Bioprocess offers full-suite fermentation and downstream processing services at benchtop and pilot-scale. We prov... Read More


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BP opened a center at Research Park to develop sustainable IT solutions. The center provides bp with access to the next ... Read More