2020 Year in Review

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Posted on: April 5, 2021

In 2020, Research Park accomplished several milestones despite the numerous adaptions. Research Park offered several programming opportunities for small businesses, launched Illinois Reboot, and received a FAST Center grant to aid the impacts of the pandemic. Here is a glimpse of the 2020 Year in Review: 

In a virtual environment, Cargill Innovation Lab, Genective, and the Verizon 5G Innovation Hub expanded into the Research Park community. The I-Hotel and Conference Center expansion, the greenhouse for the RIPE project, and the mixed-use building on 1907 S. Fourth St. completed construction during the fall as well. 

After the initial lockdown of COVID-19 in March, Research Park offered over 59 hours of programming engaging 243 companies ranging from EnterpriseWorks graduates to current tenants. 

In August, Research Park launched the COVID-19 Technology Acceleration Program. This program offered technical assistance, EDA Cares Act funding, and business development assistance. The EDA University Center received over $300,000 from the EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance program to assist companies impacted by the effects of COVID-19. 

Several startups including EarthSense and Serionix transformed their technology to suit the consequences of COVID-19 such as beginning to create high-tech face masks. 

Overall, Research Park reached several milestones in 2020 including securing the Illinois FAST Center grant from the U.S. SBA and the addition of two new staff members.

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