Continued Construction in Research Park

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Posted on: May 4, 2020

Research Park is expanding as construction continues for the I-Hotel and Conference Center, 1907 S. Fourth St., and the Greenhouse.

I-Hotel and Conference Center

The I-Hotel and Conference Center expansion construction continues, and the walls of the expansion space are going up. The opening of the renovated I-Hotel and Conference Center is set to take place in September of 2020.

Photo of construction from birds eye view
Cranes working the construction on the building.

1907 S. Fourth Street

A new multi-tenant building in Research Park is in the works to enhance the technological efforts in the Research Park community. Walls and floors are set, and now only the finishing touches remain. The development of this building will continue throughout Summer 2020 with an expected completion date this fall. Pre-leasing is available now. 

Continued Construction in Research Park 1 Continued Construction in Research Park
Overview of new tenant building.

The Greenhouse

Construction is progressing on the greenhouse, which will support the RIPE research project. Crews completed the groundwork and began framing for the building. Completion of this project is expected in September 2020.

Continued Construction in Research Park 2 Continued Construction in Research Park
Greenhouse construction in progress.