Novark North America LLC

Novark North America stands as a trusted leader in thermal management solutions, boasting over two decades of experience and a global presence spanning the USA, Asia, and Europe. The company’s expertise lies in delivering cutting-edge electronics cooling solutions tailored for high-performance computing across a spectrum of industries.

Specializing in AI, electrification, data centers, medical equipment, industrial applications, LED lighting, consumer electronics, and telecommunications, Novark offers comprehensive thermal management solutions designed to optimize performance and reliability in demanding environments.

In North America, Novark spearheads research and development initiatives, alongside dedicated efforts in marketing and customer service. The company’s commitment to innovation drives us to continuously push the boundaries of thermal management technology, ensuring that its clients remain at the forefront of their respective fields.

Beyond business, Novark is deeply engaged in supporting scientific research endeavors at leading universities. Novark actively collaborates with researchers, providing crucial materials and prototypes to advance technology and drive progress in key areas of study.

Novark North America blends expertise with innovation to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations, driving success for its clients and advancing the frontiers of thermal management technology worldwide.

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