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Hinetics is powering the future of aviation. By reinventing the electrical machine, the workhorse of modern civilization, it is ushering in an era of high efficiency (>99%) and high-power density (>10 kW/kg) for extreme applications, such as electrified aircraft. With its commitment to minimizing carbon emissions, the start-up has demonstrated groundbreaking work, earning recent funding from several notable organizations including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the United States Air Force, the National Science Foundation, and the United States Department of Energy. The team at Hinetics is turning the future of clean energy into a reality.


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  • Hinetics has previously hired professionals and students with engineering backgrounds, such as mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.
  •  Hinetics is looking for people with strong communication skills, the ability to work in collaborative team environments, and a passion for making a large-scale impact.

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