Electric Power Engineers Center for Energy Innovation

1904 S. First St. Champaign, IL

Electric Power Engineers, Inc. (EPE) works with clients on a global scale designing solutions for renewable energy (solar/wind/battery storage), Generation Interconnection, Transmission Planning, Distribution (DER), and Smart Grids.

EPE opened its Center for Energy Innovation to engage closely with engineering, design and business students at the University of Illinois. They will work alongside with leaders and professionals at EPE on projects related to designing solutions for renewable energy including solar, wind, and battery storage solutions, integration, interconnection, transmission and distribution planning and operations, regulatory compliance, grid modernization, distributed energy resources (DER) and energy market analysis and feasibility studies, as well as project management. The students will generate creative solutions through multi-disciplinary collaboration and the exploration and implementation of new and emerging technologies.

The company officially opened its Center for Energy Innovation at Research Park in February 2022 (news release).


Electric Power Engineers at Research Park

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