Laboratory and Facilities Manager
Phone : 217-300-5803
Phone : 217-300-5803

Dustin Mayfield-Jones 3 Dustin Mayfield-Jones

Dustin Mayfield-Jones joined the team in May 2024 as the Laboratory and Facilities Manager at EnterpriseWorks. His role includes management of operational functions of the EnterpriseWorks technology and business incubator building, laboratory services, shared facilities, and MakerSpace. He is passionate about helping deep tech startup clients with their tenant service needs during critical periods of the incubation phase. Dustin is also responsible for safety and equipment operations and assists with general administration.

Dustin is an alumnus of the University of Illinois and the Graduate College’s Illinois Distinguished Fellowship program. He was laboratory manager and safety officer of a former startup tenant at EnterpriseWorks and has more than 15 years of experience in scientific research. Dustin completed his master’s degree in biological sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia after earning his bachelor’s degree in biology at Truman State University.

Prior to joining the University of Illinois, Dustin actively participated in the Saint Louis maker and tech startup communities. Dustin was a member of The Maker Group, Arch Reactor, TechShop, and co-founder of, a STEAM education organization that partnered internationally to teach and inspire children using high altitude balloons. His formative experience making, managing, and pitching tech with others in these communities via GatewayVMS, VentureCafe, and 3DayStartup continues to frame his philosophy of innovation and entrepreneurship and informs his understanding of client needs.

Dustin enjoys spending time with his spouse breeding and showing Great Danes from 7Sisters farm with the Illini Great Dane Club, flying airplanes with EnginAires, technical scuba diving, and fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.