Success Stories – Brunswick I-JET Lab


Success Stories - Brunswick I-JET Lab 3 Success Stories - Brunswick I-JET Lab

At the University of Illinois Research Park, Brunswick i-Jet Lab interns are developing innovative solutions to address the boating industry’s biggest challenges.

Interns at the i-Jet Lab are shaping customers’ boating experiences using the latest advancements in technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, coding, circuit design, and generators. Through projects like virtual reality and smart boating, i-Jet interns work closely with Brunswick’s corporate and divisional resources to further accelerate applications.

Watch this video to see how Brunswick’s i-Jet interns are driving innovation forward.

David Foulkes, President – Marine Consumer Solutions and Brunswick’s Chief Technology Officer, commented, “The technical resources at the University of Illinois are among the most highly regarded in the nation, as are its engineering programs. These strengths, along with other companies within the Research Park, offer an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and learning.”

For more information on state-of-the-art programs and hands-on learning experiences, visit their website.

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