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Inprentus, Inc., manufactures ultrahigh precision diffraction gratings for x-ray applications. The technology is a novel, dual-atomic-force microscope-based mechanical lithography method that allows high-precision patterning with nanometer precision over areas of ~10 cm squared or greater, and is particularly well suited to fabricating diffractive optics. The initial customer base is synchrotron light source facilities but will branch into lab-based chemical analysis, EUV lithography, and other industry segments.

Inprentus was founded by Peter Abbamonte in 2012 with the goal to advance the manufacturing of precision optics using proprietary nano-scale contact-mode lithography techniques. Peter Abbamonte received his PhD in condensed matter physics from University of Illinois, and he currently works at the University as a professor of physics.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2012-2017

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After graduating from EnterpriseWorks in 2017, Inprentus opened its corporate headquarters in Champaign, IL.