Inprentus selected for NASA project

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Posted on: November 13, 2017

Inprentus, a recent EnterpriseWorks gradute, has announced this week that it has been selected to participate in a project by NASA. 

Inprentus was founded in 2012 by University of Illinois physics professor Peter Abbamonte. It was created to manufacture diffraction gratings, an advanced prism used in laboratories around the world after Abbamonte recognized the need for such prisms for research. Inprentus is able to manufacture diffraction gratings with 2,500 grooves per millimeter that separate electromagnetic waves allowing researchers to better understand what a material is made of and how that material will react in different scenarios. 

Ron van OS, Inprentus CEO said diffraction gratings can “actually look in real time how plastic will behave under stress.” 

The company has grown to 15 employees and now operate in a “state of the art” facility in Champaign. The company is pairing with NASA to create a diffraction grading that could someday make its way to space. 

“We’re actually making a grating for them to go up in space and to take a picture of the corona of the sun” said van Os.

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