Illinois Soybean Association Examines AgTech Sector Growth at Research Park

Categories : EnterpriseWorks, Research Park
Posted on: August 18, 2020

A report in the July issue of the Illinois Soybean Association magazine Soy Perspectives examines the burgeoning AgTech startup scene at the University of Illinois Research Park.

Reporter Tim Alexander highlights two high-performing agtech startups, EarthSense and Aspiring Universe, as well as the new Illinois AgTech Accelerator that will launch officially this fall.

EarthSense and Aspiring Universe are both located at EnterpriseWorks, the technology business incubator at Research Park.

“In addition to gener8tor’s Illinois AgTech Accelerator program, which will take five fledgling agtech startups under its wing, others like Aspiring Universe and EarthSense are developing and marketing next generation, field-applicable technology that will benefit soybean farmers,” Alexander wrote.

The entire article can be found online here. 

Soy Perspectives July 2020