EnterpriseWorks Graduate Prenosis Receives FDA Clearance on Sepsis ImmunoScore

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Posted on: April 7, 2024

EnterpriseWorks graduate Prenosis recently announced the approval of its artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic tool for sepsis by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Sepsis occurs when the body has an extreme response to an infection, and it is often deadly. It is notoriously challenging to diagnose, but early detection is key since patients can deteriorate quickly. Prenosis’ diagnostic tool, called Sepsis ImmunoScore, uses 22 different parameters such as temperature, heart rate and cell counts to help clinicians assess a patient’s risk of sepsis.

Prenosis was an EnterpriseWorks tenant from 2017 to 2018. Founder Rashid Bashir, Dean of Grainger College of Engineering, developed these technologies with his research group in the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, along with Bobby Reddy. During its time at the Research Park, the Prenosis team earned a second-place prize in the 14th Annual Dale V. Cozad New Venture Competition.

Now based in Chicago, Prenosis has been a longtime client of the Illinois FAST Center.

Prenosis’ goal is to detect and prevent the majority of diseases before debilitating symptoms present themselves. By integrating biomarkers and clinical data, its diagnostics present real-time critical information, predicts future outcomes for patients, and expedites the delivery of optimal therapy.

Prenosis’ approach stands out for its regulatory compliance and focus on safety and efficacy. The company plans to conduct further studies to demonstrate the tool’s accuracy and impact on clinical decision-making, with intentions to market it globally.

“FDA authorization of a sepsis diagnostic tool with significant predictive power is a landmark event for people that could ever be at risk of sepsis at some point in their lives,” said Bobby Reddy, Jr, Ph.D.

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