Prenosis Group on Startup Graduate Background

Founded by Bobby Reddy and Rashid Bashir, Prenosis, inc. is leading a paradigm-shifting revolution in the healthcare industry. They envision a day not so far in the future when the vast majority of diseases are detected and prevented well before debilitating symptoms present themselves. In March 2023, the Prenosis team, co-led by Greg Damhorst, Umer Hassan, and Bobby Reddy Jr., earned a second-place prize in the 14th Annual Dale V. Cozad New Venture Competition. The technology was developed in the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory in the research group of Rashid Bashir, the Bioengineering department head, and Abel Bliss, Professor of Engineering for Grainger College of Engineering.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2017-2018

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Prenosis Now

Prenosis is now located in Chicago, Illinois. It continues to use the Research Park’s Small Business Innovation Resource (SBIR) services.