Eden Park Illumination Lights Installed at EnterpriseWorks

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Posted on: February 21, 2024

The EnterpriseWorks kitchen received a tech upgrade thanks to startup graduate Eden Park Illumination.Eden Park Illumination Installation

Eden Park has generously donated Far UVC 222nm lightbulbs to the kitchen space, which will help EnterpriseWorks reduce the negative impact of viruses and pathogens.

Eden Park is a repeat graduate of EnterpriseWorks with companies that include E-P Purification, E-P Illumination, and, most recently Eden Park Continuous Disinfection. Eden Park Illumination is a fast-growing, dynamic lighting technology company, anchored in over 50 years of heritage through its affiliation with the Laboratory of Optical Physics and Engineering at the University of Illinois. It is a leader in the areas of lighting research, product development, and commercialization of the “Microplasma” technology.

Eden Park Illumination currently has offices in Chicago and Champaign, Illinois.