Eden Park Illumination


Eden Park Illumination is a fast-growing, dynamic lighting technology company, anchored in over fifty years of heritage through our affiliation with the Laboratory of Optical Physics and Engineering at the University of Illinois.

We are leaders in the areas of lighting research, product development, and commercialization of the “Microplasma” technology. Our team includes business and technology experts from diverse backgrounds and who collaborate to innovate and achieve excellence while remaining cognizant of our product goal of low impact on the environment.

Gary Eden and Sung Jin Park co-founded Eden Park Illumination in 2007 for the commercialization of microcavity plasma UV technology. With backgrounds in computer and electrical engineering at the University of Illinois, Eden and Park founded Eden Park Illumination technology as professors of computer and electrical engineering. Eden Park Illumination is currently located in Champaign, Illinois, after staying in EnterpriseWorks for three years.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2007-2009

News & Milestones

Eden Park Illumination Now

After graduating from EnterpriseWorks in 2009, Eden Park Illumination opened two corporate offices in Chicago, IL, and Champaign, IL.