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Froberg Aerospace
Froberg Aerospace, a new company in the EnterpriseWorks Incubator, is making leaps and bounds in the space industry. Steven Froberg is developing small-satellite propulsion technologies that are more cost- and fuel-efficient.  
Augmented reality Technology Growing at AGCO's Acceleration Center

Big companies with small teams in Champaign-Urbana are often at the heart of industry innovation.

CEO Mark Goldsmith

EnterpriseWorks incubator graduate, Revolution Medicines, sold the sharing rights to one of their leading drug candidates to Sanofi for $50million.


Research Park Global Motion Spinner

The Research Park has a new attraction that will make its debut as this year's Outside at Research Park concert: play equipment. 

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Agrible Nutrien Research Park

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The 2018 Research Park

Illinois University Incubator Network

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, economic development, and higher education? The Research Park is hiring a Visiting Incubation & Entrepreneurship Outreach Coordinator.

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mousr petronics enterpriseworks

Success isn’t a cat-and-mouse game for Petronics. The innovative startup’s premier device Mousr won big at the Global Pet Expo 2018 with the Best in Show award for new cat toys.


Earnest Earth, a student startup at the University of Illinois Research Park, is reaching out to farmers to create a mutually beneficial relationship.


A startup that began as a senior design project has led to innovation and affordable technology.