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On June 14, The Research Park at the University of Illinois had the opportunity to share their successes and innovations through the Association of Univers


Innovation Lead and site director at the Syngenta Data Innovation Lab was featured on the News Gazette Wired In column.


Agrible’s Senior Sustainability Advisor Michael Hirschi was awarded as a Grade of Fellow by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The Grade of Fellow is the society’s highest honors, requiring candidates to have 20 years of active engineering experience and be an active ASABE member for 20 years.

I2RP university of illinois

Champaign, June 14: The Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign welcomes peers today from across the United States to a first-of-its-kind conference that showcases successful research parks in their own element.  Presented by the Association of University Research Parks, Introduction to Research Parks (I2RP) is designed for those interested in viewing distinctive parks, learning their unique story of ongoing development and programs in addition to challenges and opportunities.


This week, cofounder of Automated Energy Systems Anthony Griffin was interviewed for the Wired-In column on The News-Gazette. Coming to EnterpriseWorks, Autonomic Energy Systems prevents fires and extends the lifetime of li-ion batteries. The startup won first prize for Best Energy Startup Award at the 2017 Cozad New Venture Competition.

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AES founders Nancy Sotto and Scott White

Autonomic Energy Systems (AES), a startup company coming to EnterpriseWorks, is using technology that has been discovered at the University of Illinois by founders, Nancy Sotto and Scott White, and their research team, to make phone and laptop batteries safer to use and last longer.

AptImmune Photo

Aptimmune Biologics Inc. recently launched the worlds first commercially available mucosal autogenous PRRSV vaccine for swine, administered via nasal spray. The vaccine was made with BARRICADE formulation technology, which offers a revolutionary approach to PRRSV management. 


Eli Lazar of Snooz was interviewed for this week’s Wired In column on The News-Gazette. Snooz is an EnterpriseWorks affiliate located at the EnterpriseWorks Incubator. SNOOZ creates consumer electronics focused on bedrooom use. Their current product creates a soothing air sound using a real fan blade.

Inventor of Snooz, Eli Lazar graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in mechanical engineering. Since the creation of Snooz, his startup has surpassed their Kickstarter goal and now has angel investors.


EarthSense CEO and co-founder Chinmay Soman was featured on The News-Gazette's Wired-In column on May 21. EarthSense is an EnterpriseWorks affiliate that provides management advice for farmers, ranchers, and other land managers based on valuable on-site data gathered with highest efficiency and modeled with leading machine learning techniques.


On May 18, Fox News Champaign was on hand to see the more than 100 local technology professionals who came out to EnterpriseWorks to learn more about each other and opportunities for full-time employment, both in the Research Park and area companies. The event was sponsored by Research Park and the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation.

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