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EnterpriseWorks hires Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to assist entrepreneurs and inventors that are starting a business. EnterpriseWorks hires local-experienced entrepreneurs that have effectively commercialized technology to provide consultation to local entrepreneurs at no cost to the company. The EIRs provide advice on business development, attracting investment, revenue creation, and engagements with industrial clients. They also provide entrepreneur training, and help fill early management guidance for startups and help inventors determine a path for starting their business.


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The year 2010 was an eventful one for the Research Park.  Attached is an overview of the milestones and accomplishments of Research Park companies and of the development of the Research Park itself.

2010 Research Park Year in Review


Waterborne Environmental, Inc. employs scientists and engineers to work on a wide variety of innovative projects for the US agrochemical industry and the regulatory community. The company is based in Leesburg Virginia and has an additional location in the Research Park in Champaign. The company conducts higher-tier modeling, develops large geospatial datasets, determines the presence of soil features adversely affecting agrochemical fate in the environment, and conducts watershed scale monitoring studies.


Founded as an educational and academic publisher, Common Ground has evolved into a producer and manager of content for print and the internet. The journal and book publishing process enlists the peer community as the arbiter of intellectual quality and uses Common Ground’s own pathbreaking social networking software. The company works in four related areas: Conferences, Publishing, Research, and Software.


LEAMgroup, Inc. specializes in harnessing the power of dynamic spatial models in understanding complex real-world problems. They provide consulting services to local, metropolitan, and regional planning organizations that require sophisticated simulations of land-use change and its impacts. Clients leverage their expertise in integrating the Landuse Evolution and impact Analysis Model (LEAM) into planning and analysis processes for very large regions. The company will graduate from EnterpriseWorks and move into the Research Park in January 2011.


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