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CHAMPAIGN -- Veriflow Systems, an EnterpriseWorks tenant, was announced as a finalist for the 15th annual Chicago Innovation Awards. The Chicago Innovation Awards is the largest annual celebration of innovation in the Midwest. Chicago’s business and civic leaders come together to honor the Chicago region by recognizing the most innovative new products and services introduced in the region. There were 100 companies selected as finalists out of the 643 applicants.


CHAMPAIGN -- CAST21 has moved from a student startup to now an EnterpriseWorks tenant. Engineering at Illinois has written about CAST21's journey by introducing the team of CEOs: Ashley Moy, Justin Brooks and Jason Troutner that work towards building medical casts for the 21st century. These casts are said to be waterproof and also have "access to the affected area for treatment and comfort." The cast is in the process of being tested by athletic trainers and doctors in sports medicine. The team is hoping to "go through a design freeze in the coming months."  

TENANT: Petronics | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- The News-Gazette’s Paul Wood highlights local tech innovators in his column, “Wired In.” This week, he interviewed Dave Cohen, the Co-Founder of Petronics.

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- PhotoniCare, an EnterpriseWorks startups that aims to revolutionize healthcare by providing physicians with better diagnostic tools, has been accepted into the Dreamit Accelerator program. This program is for edtech and digital health startups with a product ready to deploy and some early traction. Out of hundreds of applicants, PhotoniCare was one of 17 accepted.


CHAMPAIGN– The News-Gazette's Paul Wood highlights local high tech innovators in his column, "Wired In." This week he got a chance to talk to Paul Couston, who is working on a solar energy project with his roomate, Nathan Franczyk.


The University of Illinois community, including campus leadership, faculty, staff and students, officially welcomed CME Group's Innovation Center to its campus on Friday, Sept. 9. Laura Frerichs, director of the Research Park, and Ed Seidel, interim Vice President for Research, delivered the University's formal welcome remarks. Ari Studnitzer, who has guided the CME Group presence at Research Park, spoke on behalf of CME Group.


CHAMPAIGN – The News-Gazette’s Paul Wood highlights local tech innovators in his column, “Wired In.” This week he sat down with Fiona Kalensky, the CEO of Therapalz.

Therapalz is an iVenture startup that uses life like animals to mimic “animal therapy” to comfort Alzheimer’s patients and help their caregivers. Kalensky, 20-year old, systems engineering and design major discussed what inspired her product idea, and how she plans to expand it today. Therapalz has been successful in “adult care facilities, nursing homes and memory care units as it developed.”

TENANT: Serra Ventures | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

Reconstruct, a computer vision based analytics company for the construction industry based in the EnterpriseWorks incubator, has received $850,000 of seed round funding. The raise was led by Serra Ventures, which is also based in the University of Illinois Research Park, with Illinois Ventures joining as part of the syndicate. 

best colleges in America Business Insider

Business Insider highlighted the University of Illinois Research Park in its blurb ranking the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as one of America's 50 best colleges (ranked No. 43) and 14 best colleges in the Midwest (ranked No. 6). 


CHAMPAIGN -- The Daily Illini interviewed Yassine Ibnattya and Hadi Haikal about their iVenture startup company, Fraicher. Ibynattya and Haikal are both UIUC students who pursue healthier lifestyles. Through Fraicher, they aim to help others achieve healthier lives as well through a nutritious and afforable food-delivery system.