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TENANT: Yahoo!

Yahoo's Research Park site and its extensive relationship with the University of Illinois is the focus of a Aug. 11 Chronicle of Higher Education article (available online but subscription required). The story reflects on the growing relationships and collaborations between academia and industry leaders across the computer science landscape.

TENANT: Intelliwheels

CHAMPAIGN, IL, Aug. 4, 2014  -- A $1.5-million grant will enable IntelliWheels, Inc. to advance development of ultra-lightweight, multi-geared wheels for manual wheelchairs. This new innovation will further wheelchair functionality, allowing manual wheelchair users to be more physically active and increase their independence, health and well-being. 

TENANT: Electroninks Incorporated | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks
TENANT: Turn, Inc.

The Turn Innovation Center was featured in the (Champaign-Urbana) News-Gazette on Thursday, May 1. The article details why the Silicon Valley-based company wanted to open its first innovation center at the University of Illinois, in the Research Park. "... The company zeroed in on a location in Champaign because of its access to top engineering talent from the UI College of Engineering's computer science and electrical and computer engineering departments, its association with supercomputing and distributed systems," writes the paper. 


Three of the top four prize winners in the 14th Annual Cozad New Venture Competition have based their operations in the EnterpriseWorks incubator: Rithmio, Lumenous, and Inscites Research.

TENANT: Turn, Inc.
Silicon Valley-Based Turn Opens First Innovation Center at University of Illinois Research Park    CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – The University of Illinois today announced that Turn, the marketing software and analytics platform, will open an Innovation Center on campus for the research and development of new data-driven marketing technologies. The center is the company’s first outside of its Silicon Valley headquarters, and engineering work will focus on the full technology stack of the Turn platform.   
TENANT: Rithmio | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

Rithmio, a startup building advanced fitness wearables technology that is based at EnterpriseWorks, was the focus of a Sunday feature in the (Champaign) News-Gazette business section.

TENANT: EP Purification, Inc. | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

In the days since EP Purification won the Clean Energy Challenge $100,000 grand prize, the interviews keep rolling in. In today's media coverage, the News-Gazette reports on what the EnterpriseWorks-based startup plans to do with its winnings. 

Company CEO Cy Herring said the winnings will be invested into product development.

"I am surprised that we won the challenge since there were a number of companies involved with very good ideas for clean energy," he said.


EP Purification, winner of the 2014 Clean Energy Challenge Grand Prize, was the focus of an April 6 Chicago Tribune article about the competition. "The Champaign-based startup walked away with $100,000 at Thursday's Clean Energy Challenge in Chicago after holding up a palm-size aluminum card with the power to pump ozone into 60 gallons of water per minute to destroy bacteria."


<p>EP Purification captured the $100,000 Wells Fargo Grand Prize for Clean Energy Entrepreneurship at the 2014 Clean Energy Trust Challenge on April 3.&nbsp;<br><br>The EnterpriseWorks-based startup&nbsp;is devoted to the manufacturing of novel systems for the purification of water and air, based on microplasma technology developed at and licensed from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.