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TENANT: BioAnalytics | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Lucas Smith, CEO of BioAnalytics Inc., was spotlighted by the News Gazette’s Paul Wood as a ‘high tech difference maker.’ BioAnalytics Inc. is an affiliate of the EnterpriseWorks startup incubator.

Smith founded BioAnalytics after seeing the need to advance the technology centered on disease indication. With the help of Smith’s freshman year roommate, brother, and grant aid, BioAnalytics has been able to develop new equipment and processes to make indication faster and more efficient.

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks
CHAMPAIGN – Fourteen students from the Champaign’s Unit 4 School District form the first Young Entrepreneurship Program. Hosted by Illinois’s Research Park, the program provides students the chance to develop their own startup company.  
    ChicagoInno highlighted EnterpriseWorks graduate Zero Percent, and other new companies that are affected by the fluctuation US immigration policy. UIUC’s 11,000 international students and their entrepreneurial dreams are constantly at risk due to this issue.  

Though small in comparison to other cities, Champaign-Urbana has a lot to offer for millenials.

According to an American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) report ranking top American cities and towns for young college graduates, Champaign-Urbana is ranked as #4 among the smallest metros (having a population below 250,000).


Serra Ventures, a Research Park tenant that offers professional advisory services in business strategy, capital formation, business development and organization development, launched its third fund in January.  Serra hopes to invest in 40-50 information technology, medical devices and agricultural tech companies.

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CHAMPAIGN -- ChicagoInno announced the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as the leading Big 10 school with the most entrepreneur-alums in Chicago. UIUC ranking include 3,572 founders in Chicago and 5,195 alums in the entrepreneurship industry. 

Adam Tilton, founder of Rithmio (an EnterpriseWorks graduate), was mentioned as a local founder. Rithmio is a platform for gesture recognition.


CHAMPAIGN -- Robin Berthier, president of Network Perception Inc., was featured as a high-tech difference maker in the News Gazette's Wired In column. Network Perception Inc. is an affiliate of the EnterpriseWorks startup incubator.

Network Perception was founded by a team of network security and critical infrastructure experts and researchers. The company designs and develops software solutions to automatically audit the security and compliance of critical networks by analyzing the configurations of firewalls and routers.


URBANA - The Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) announced the winners of the 16th annual Cozad New Venture Competition at the Entrepreneurship Forum on Thursday, April 28 at the Illini Union.

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URBANA - The Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC) has announced the Aadeel Akhtar as the winner of the 2016 Illinois Innovation Prize, a $20,000 award given to a University of Illinois student who has demonstated exceptional entrepreneurial skills within the tech field, and who is looked up to as a role model by his or her fellow students. Matt Alonso and Mayank Kale were also announced as the co-runners up of the prize. Nominations were submitted by the students' mentors, professors, or a faculty member on the basis of the nominees’ passion for innovation and work in technology.


CHAMPAIGN - Brighten Godfrey, co-founder and CTO of Veriflow, was featured as a high-tech difference maker in the News-Gazette's weekly Wired In column. Veriflow is an affiliate of the EnterpriseWorks startup incubator.

Veriflow is a cyber security company that prevents network breeches and outages by utilizing mathematical network verification, a program that allows for network-wide modeling to detect weakpoints before they are exploited. Veriflow has offices in Champaign, Illinois, as well as Oakland, California.