Over 120 companies, including more than 70 homegrown startups, are located at the Research Park. We're home to international and publicly-traded companies, including Fortune 500 corporations.  Browse our tenant directory to learn more about and connect with these companies. For more information on joining the Research Park at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, click here.


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AgTools provides game-changing intelligence to the agriculture market by gathering real-time government and institutiona... Read More

AI Nexus Healthcare

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AI Nexus Healthcare is creating a new generation of smart health and wellness applications powered by Cognitive Arti... Read More


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AirScout enables producers to shift from reactive to proactive crop management, solving problems before they appear. Air... Read More

Archi’s Academy

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Archi’s Academy is a software development academy that specializes in making people employable through first-class sof... Read More


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BlooMD is focused on finding natural sources of bioactive compounds that could be used in human health, animal health, a... Read More

Boston Bioprocess

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Boston Bioprocess offers full-suite fermentation and downstream processing services at benchtop and pilot-scale. We prov... Read More

Cache Energy

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  Cache Energy focuses on creating energy storage that is safe to install anywhere and transported everywher... Read More


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ClimeCast is an AI-powered SaaS platform that optimizes the decarbonization journey for commercial real estate. They emp... Read More

Cohesive Manufacturing

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Cohesive Manufacturing creates platforms for cloud and advanced manufacturing, providing visibility and access to manufa... Read More


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Cygnus has created a new approach to traditional photo processing techniques. Their VUV and far-UVC exposer system combi... Read More