Resource: CEO + Founders Roundtable

Resource: CEO + Founders Roundtable 6 Resource: CEO + Founders Roundtable

The University of Illinois Research Park hosts a CEO + Founders Roundtable open to CEOs/Founders of Champaign-Urbana scientific and tech companies. Currently, the chair is Chinmay Soman, CEO of EarthSense.

Typically held 3-4 times per year, the C-U Tech CEO Roundtable provides a peer community and resource-sharing opportunities.

Since 2005, the CEO Roundtable has provided a forum for local entrepreneurs and business leaders to engage in discussion and learn from each other. Participants range from early-stage startup founders to leaders of established companies. The event includes dinner, a guest speaker, and networking.

The CEO Roundtable is an invitation-only event. If you would like to participate, please contact Laura Appenzeller at [email protected].

Previous chairs of the CEO Roundtable are CU Aerospace’s David Carroll; Starfire’s Brian Jurczyk; and PhotoniCare’s Ryan Shelton.

Resource: CEO + Founders Roundtable 7 Resource: CEO + Founders Roundtable


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