Synchrony at Research Park Team

The University of Illinois System profiles the success story of the Synchrony Emerging Technology Center at Research Park.

The article covers the cornerstones of the internship experience at ETC:

  • access to top leaders and mentors
  • meaningful work that impacts the company
  • corporate citizenship

Here’s a snippet:

“At Synchrony, we don’t just prepare students for how to do the work. We prepare them for whatever comes next in their career,” Mike Storiale said. He is Synchrony’s vice president of Innovation Development and University Partnerships.

For example, summer 2022 featured the clear expectation that interns work in person.

“Many of our 50 student interns envisioned working remotely. We wanted them to build connections by actually seeing what others are working on. We wanted them to have those casual conversations in the kitchen,” Dor Markovich said. “Before we knew it, they were getting together after work and on the weekends.”

Read the full article HERE.