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OceanComm is developing the equivalent of Wi-Fi for subsea using high-frequency ultrasound, rather than radio waves. Today, real-time remote control of subsea machinery still requires a tethered communication link. Remotely controlled underwater vehicles (ROVs) are tethered to $100k/day support ships. Its wireless modems will enable tetherless control of such underwater vehicles reducing operating costs by a factor of 10.

OceanComm was founded in 2014 by Andrew Singer and Thomas Riedl. Andrew Singer worked as a Fox Family Professor of Engineering at the University of Illinois for over 20 years, and he currently works as the Associate Dean for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Illinois. Thomas Riedl received his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from University of Illinois.

EnterpriseWorks Tenure: 2015-2018

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OceanComm Now

After graduating from EnterpriseWorks in 2018, OceanComm opened its corporate office in Chicago, IL.