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Illinois Rocstar produces high-performance parallel engineering software and performs computational engineering analyses for U.S. industries and government agencies. Using an ever-growing set of multiphysics software tools, the technical staff employ first-principles-based physics for high-fidelity numerical analysis of fluid flows, combustion, materials, structures, and their interactions in complex changing geometries.

Their unique combination of domain science, numerical simulation, and programming knowledge enables them to quickly and effectively develop high-quality scientific software. Their competitive advantages lie in their deep knowledge of high-performance simulation and computing, future breadth of penetration of their open-source tools, and the unique nature of the micromaterials modeling packages. These tools include open-source (Rocstar, IMPACT, and SLMIR), and proprietary software destined for commercial licensing (insensitive munitions and micromaterials modeling tools).

Illinois Rocstar was founded in 2007 by Bill Dick and Mark Brandyberry.  Bill Dick received his masters degree in business administration from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and he served as the Assistant Dean of Research at the University for several years. Mark Brandyberry also received his undergraduate degree in engineering and his masters degree in computer science from the University of Illinois. In addition, Brandyberry served as the Sr. Research Scientist at the University for over 15 years.

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After graduating from EnterpriseWorks in 2013, Illinois Rocstar maintained its operations at the University of Illinois Research Park until 2020. The company now operates in Champaign, Illinois.