Wired In: Ryan Nolan of PhotoniCare

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Posted on: December 11, 2017

Ryan Nolan, co-founder of PhotoniCare, was featured in The News-Gazette for his work building medical tools, specifically, the ClearView device.  Since 2013, Nolan wanted to develop better imaging devices to improve patient care.  Having small children prone to ear infections has also strengthened Nolan’s passion. 

The PhotoniCare ClearView device is used in the same way as an otoscope, but uses infrared light to see through the eardrum into the middle ear.  It provides cross-sectional black and white scans of the eardrum so doctors can easily see what is happening behind it. Using PhotoniCare’s ClearView imaging device, it is easier to correctly treat ear infections and ear diseases the first time. 

Nolan’s advice for anyone trying to start a business is to “get out of the office” and “fail fast.”  It is important to talk with potential customers and make sure that if something does not appeal to them, the company finds out sooner than later. Also, cold calls and emails work better than one might think. 

PhotoniCare’s lab, located at EnterpriseWorks at the University of Illinois Research Park, began a study to better improve their imaging device.  They are looking for volunteer subjects, both children and adults, to participate with a $15 gas card for participants.

To enroll, contact Ryan Nolan at 847-852-6264 or [email protected].  

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