Wired In: Danny Gardner of Mesh++

Categories : EnterpriseWorks, Features
Posted on: June 5, 2018

A startup that began as a senior design project has led to innovation and affordable technology. Mesh++ was started by Danny Gardner, a senior at the University of Illinois at the time, to make WiFi more available in places from parks to developing countries with limited resources.

Gardner, the CEO of Mesh++, is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois graduating in 2017. Although this project started as a solo endeavor, their team has recently grown. And so has their business. They have been solving problems with their original tech, expanding their business, and reaching new heights.

Although Gardner is still young, aged 23, he has a lot of wisdom for his age. When asked about the advice he would give to young startups, he responded, “Take risks. Try everything. You’ll fail 99.9 percent of the time and that’s fine, everyone does. It’s the 0.1 percent of marginal success that you’ll slap on your LinkedIn profile and brag about to everyone with ears.” Read the full story on Mesh++ on the News-Gazette website.