Wired In: Brent Trenhaile of Agrible

Category : Features
Posted on: November 27, 2017

Senior vice president of technology at Agrible, Brent Trenhaile, was recently featured in The News-Gazette for his work with Agrible and Anheuser Busch InBev.  Agrible has partnered with AB InBev to give barley growers useful information and to give them insights on how to grow crops more efficiently.  By taking the information gathered, Agrible and AB InBev are both able to build a global sustainability view by collecting data on the malted barley supply chain, water use, land efficiency and carbon footprints. 

One of Agrible’s largest priorities since 2008 was to help growers produce an even more sustainable crop yield.  In order to record farm operations, farmers use Morning Farm Report, a central site of data to give farmers information about their farms such as weather forecasts, energy use, soil loss, water quality, tractor time and more.  Using Morning Farm Report, this helps produce the information necessary to calculate sustainablity metrics.

AB InBev farmers have access to Agrible’s Morning Farm Report agriculture software where they can detect disease threats earlier and monitor crops and logistics. Using the Morning Farm Report and AB InBev, there will be global expansion throughout 2018 and beyond.    

Agrible opened an office in 2013 at the EnterpriseWorks incubator and launched Morning Farm Report soon after. The company now has the goal to increase food production by 60% by 2050.  

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