Wired In: Andrew Zhang of PhotoniCare

Categories : EnterpriseWorks, Features
Posted on: May 14, 2018

In more ways than one, Champaign-born startup, PhotoniCare is making healthcare more affordable. Andrew Zhang, senior engineer, is a major part of the company’s ongoing successes. PhotoniCare focuses on creating low-cost technology. This includes low light imaging for endoscopic (internal), ophthalmic (eye-related), and otoscopic (ear-related) health situations.

Zhang sincerely believes that working directly with healthcare providers for testing is an important part of getting new technology into patients’ experiences sooner. For that reason, Zhang leans into his research collaborations with programs like University of Washington’s department of bioengineering and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. These collaborations are crucial and Zhang states, “That’s why I think what we are doing now is revolutionary and beneficial to patients throughout the country.”

This is the third interview News-Gazette has done with PhotoniCare innovators. For more on Andrew Zhang and his contribution see the full News-Gazette interview here.