Verizon’s Champaign Innovation Hub To Host Open Hours, Welcome Visitors

Categories : EnterpriseWorks, Partnerships & Acquisitions
Posted on: May 2, 2023

The Verizon 5G Innovation Hub at EnterpriseWorks is now hosting open hours where guests can explore how the next generation wireless technologies can benefit their work, their research, their business, or their community.

During the open hours, Verizon’s Champaign Innovation Hub advisor will provide an overview of the hub, the technologies, and address questions.

This Hub is equipped with a private wireless network with the latest 5G technologies. It is independent from the Verizon commercial network, and some of the technologies are more advanced than what’s been deployed in the commercial network. It can support innovative development work such as new device testing, application/network integration, and edge computing.

See the Research Park calendar for specific dates and times; virtual visits are also available.

The Hub is located at EnterpriseWorks Room 209 (second floor). EnterpriseWorks is located at 60 Hazelwood Drive, Champaign. Parking is free. There is also bus access via the LINK on MTD.

Verizon 5G Lab Research Park