University of Illinois Ranked 10th for Venture Backed Entrepreneurs

Category : Recognition & Awards
Posted on: September 21, 2018

The University of Illinois ranks 10th in Pitchbook’s 2018 study of top universities producing venture backed entrepreneurs.

In the female founders category, the University of Illinois came in 18th for top undergraduate universities. Illinois ranked 16th for top companies by capital raised within undergraduate programs. Finally, PitchBook defines serial entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs who “founded two or more separate companies that garnered a first round of venture financing within the timeframe of January 1, 2006 to June 30, 2018.” With $2.3 billion in capital raised, the University of Illinois was ranked 13th.

PitchBook also looked at the top 25 colleges that produce the most startup founders. With 526 entrepreneurs and 484 companies, the University of Illinois was top 4 for public universities. 

The University of Illinois Research Park recruits much of its talent from the University of Illinois.  It is exciting to see such high ranks for the future of the Research Park.  The University of Illinois Research Park looks forward to the current and rising talent to come.  

PitchBook is a company that shares years of data and research about private capital markets.  The company looks at the research of over 200 professionals to deliver an analysis of current trends.  Some of the areas this study looks at are the top universities producing venture backed entrepreneurs, top companies by capital raised, and top undergraduate universities for female founders.


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