Trova is launching its new AI system: Beta

Category : Features
Posted on: October 26, 2021

Trova, an EnterpriseWorks startup, is an artificial intelligence system that is designed to help people organize information scattered across various platforms, has launched BFFs Beta.

Beta connects with your Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, Outlook, Dropbox, MS Teams, and Jira accounts to help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently. More platforms to Beta soon.

Beta makes life easier, it helps people to organize their messages without even lifting a finger.

“We are digitally flooded by emails, Slack messages, links, text messages, files, all the stuff that keeps us connected in our daily lives across different communication platforms,” says Trova. “Information is scattered all over. Sometimes it is hard to remember where things are. That’s where Trova comes in. Trova will find the information for you.”

Beta is great for people who are looking for a way to keep all of their messages together and to make it more efficient to read and respond to each of them, without having to search through multiple platforms to find what they are looking for.

Trova was originally a project of the Alchemy Foundry. Its leadership consists of Sanjay Patel, a serial entrepreneur and tenured professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a team of University of Illinois undergraduate and graduate students.

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