Student Start Up Merge.FM has Offically Launched

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: June 16, 2010 Lets Fans & Musicians Share Music’s Creative Experience 

View their site here: 

Merge.FM launched their website to the public on 6/16/10, check it out at Merge.FM is a web application allowing music fans to access and interact with the creative process of their favorite bands and giving music artists a scalable way to monetize their creative process. The business model comprises four steps: Artists sign up for free and open their creative process. Artists market it to their fans with’s help to subscribe. Fans pay for access and interaction, then get final product for free. Market-driven pricing that scales with demand and popularity for each artist. The company is located in EnterpriseWorks and has been supported with funding from IllinoisVENTURES. The company was founded by University of Illinois engineering students and has been in development with the support from IV10 and the Cozad New Venture Competition a year ago.