Share the Vision 2012 Technology Showcase at EnterpriseWorks

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: April 10, 2012

The Research Park and EnterpriseWorks hosted “Share the Vision” 2012 on Friday, April 6, 2012.

The event showcased University of Illinois Startups, allowing attendees to tour lab space, hear presentations, and ask questions in a small group environment. 

More than 30 startup companies were included in the showcase: Nuvixa, 4D Teleport Technologies, MulticoreWare, Valkyrie Computer Systems, Talus Research, Cazoodle, Caterva, Immuven, Intelliwheels, Illini Prosthetic Technologies, InstaRecon, SC4, PhiOptics, Aptimmune, Accendo Systems, Diagnostic Photonics, GlucoSentient, Autonomic Materials, Xerion Advanced Battery, Cbana Labs, ATSP Innovations, Serionix, Starfire Industries, Eden Park Illumination, Dioxide Materials, Aqueous Solutions, PrintEco, Effimas Solar, Oso Simple Technologies, and ANDalyze.

Dozens of venture capitalists and corporate technology executives attended the event, which included stimulating discussions about University Startups and their new ideas in the pipeline in health, advanced materials, clean energy and sustainability, and information technology. On Thursday, the Office of Technology Management organized short form presentations from many of the faculty “stars” from campus to highlight innovative technololgies with a strong potential for commercialization.

Check out the Illinois Venture Capital Association article on the event.