EnterpriseWorks Graduate, Serionix, Uses NASA Tech in Face Masks

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: May 14, 2020

Serionix, an EnterpriseWorks graduate, may combat the face mask shortage with their Colorfil coating. Serionix’s proprietary, lightweight Colorfil coating is working on being used in NASA’s spaceships and space suits. The Colorfil technology can quickly soak up toxic chemicals and visibly changes color once it is saturated. Since Serionix technology is made of a self-sterilizing material that can filter harmful particles as well as viruses and bacteria from the air, it decided to implement this technology for face masks.

Compared to other face masks, Serionix’s material features color-changing properties. Effectively sterilizing masks is difficult, even for medical professionals with access to methods like ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide vapors. For consumers, a color-changing mask would eliminate the need for mask-cleaning by visually showing when it is safe to reuse a face mask and when it is time to replace it. This sterilization technology has proven effective against other viruses in the past, so Serionix is looking into adding antiviral applications for their face masks.

Serionix expects to hire more people to meet demands for their products and aims to solidify partnerships that can provide the materials that can be coated in the Colorfil Technology. If all goes according to plan, Co-founder Will Zheng said, “consumers could expect to see these masks in the next few months.”

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