Serionix creates performance face mask

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: December 7, 2020

Serionix, an EnterpriseWorks graduate, created an athletic performance face mask with MERV-13 equivalent nanofiber inserts. These inserts are able to trap small particles, including viruses. The masks are not only effective, but they’re specifically built for performance athletic use. The masks are comfortable, breathable, and it’s easier to project your voice compared to other masks. Seronix says they’ve received great feedback from multiple athletes ranging from skiers, sprinters, and strongman competitors.

Serionix plans to integrate their Colorfil technology with their facemasks in the future. The Colorfil technology can quickly soak up toxic chemicals and filters odors. The masks also change color from vibrant pink to dull yellow to show when the filter expires. The Serionix team is also working with NASA to use its lightweight Colorfil technology on NASA’s spaceships and spacesuits.

Serionix is now seeking city approval for a significant expansion in downtown Urbana in order to grow its engineering, assembly, and warehouse operations.

Serionix has partnered with Body n’ Sole and Champaign Outdoors,  so you can purchase a mask in store or online by visiting their website.

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