Research Park Highly Attributed to Champaign Being “3rd Fastest-Growing City In Illinois”

Category : Recognition & Awards
Posted on: July 7, 2014

The Daily Illini showcased Research Park as the muscles behind Champaign’s status of being Illinois’ “3rd fastest-growing city.” Highlighted in the article is Research Park and its commitment to creating an environment that attracts not only big companies like Yahoo!, State Farm, and John Deere; but also a plethora of startup companies at the EnterpriseWorks Building. Besides strongly stimulating Champaign’s economy, the over one hundred companies also are committed to taking advantage of the incredible resources on campus, especially the talent of the students. At any given time, over 400 undergraduate and graduate students are employed by Research Park.

Although the companies capitalize on the students of the premier programs such as engineering and business, students from other majors, ranging from advertising to data management, round out the other needs of the companies. Research Park is proud to have such a strong partnership with the University of Illinois and its vast talent of student resources that positively affects Champaign’s economy and pushes the city forward.

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