Research Park and Affiliates Mentioned in Smile Politely

Category : Features
Posted on: June 27, 2016

CHAMPAIGN – Smile Politely, the online Champaign-Urbana life and culture magazine, recently published their BEST Tech 2016 article. The article highlights local people, places, and ideas that are making a splash in the tech scene.

Research Park was noted as the “BEST promoter of local tech” for our work helping startups and entrepreneurs. The “BEST funding and initial growth” spotlight was given to EnterpriseWorks graduate Agrible for their impressive fundraising efforts. SNOOZ, an EnterpriseWorks affiliate, was listed as the “BEST Kickstarter video” (which you can view on the article page). Lastly, Lori Gold Patterson, an Entrepreneur In Residence, is the 2016 “BEST tech scene vet” for being the ‘gold standard’ in the tech community.

To read more about the Best Tech 2016 slate, visit the Smile Politely article.