Using Technology to Improve the Lives of First Responders: Innovations @ Research Park Podcast with Ascent Integrated Tech CEO

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: September 15, 2021

Episode 6 of the Innovations @ Research Park podcast features Paul Couston, CEO of Ascent Integrated Tech.

The EnterpriseWorks-based startup is using and building technology to improve the safety conditions of those who work in various hazardous environments, such as firefighters, industrial operators, and SWAT members. 

In this interview Couston, a well-known figure in the student start-up community and entrepreneurial scenes at UIUC, gives us a glimpse of his own journey as a young entrepreneur while being an undergraduate at the University of Illinois, talks us through the innovations going on at Ascent Integrated Tech, and offers fellow young entrepreneurs, especially college students, valuable advice about what it takes to live the entrepreneurial, start-up life. 

 Couston offers “useful information for entrepreneurs on strategy and practical advice”, and lets us in on why college is the perfect time to jump in and start a company.

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Paul Coulston and Alex Gorsuch
Paul Couston (left) and Alex Gorsuch, Ascent Tech