Podcast on Commercializing Research: U of I Research Park, Mendelspod

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Posted on: June 27, 2012

Mendelspod is a Silicon Valley produced podcast with weekly one hour shows on highly relevant topics to those in life science and clinical research. The program goes in depth with scientists who are leaders in their field or with CEO’s of the leading companies to explore trends and the latest technology.

Recently the program has featured several guests who have created start-ups from technology developed at Stanford University. This program includes guests from the University of Illinosi on the program to talk about commercializing technologies developed at universities.

Laura Frerichs is the Director of the Research Park and Incubation Facilities at the University of Illinois. Laura discusses the programs that the Research Park has put in place to assist young businesses.

Later the podcase includes a talk with Dr. Yi Lu, a professor at the University of Illinois and founder of two start-ups, one of which has graduated from the Incubator.


Laura Frerichs, Director, University of Illinois Research Park Bio and Contact Info

Yi Lu, PhD ,Professor, University of Illinois Bio and Contact Info

Listen (3:49) What is the process for turning research into a successful startup?

Listen (10:53) Advantages to using the U of I Research Park

Listen (2:45) Trend is toward commercializing more research

Listen (1:46) Are there conflicts of interest here?

Listen (5:59) Dr. Lu is the founder of two companies at U of I Research Park

Listen (3:32) Decision to start a company

Listen (7:18) Leveraging existing glycometers to look for biomarkers

Listen (4:37) Does commercialization detract from research?

Listen (4:52) Why he’s excited about digital health