Nuvixa to Open in EnterpriseWorks in July

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: May 13, 2010

Nuvixa is focused on delivering a platform for revolutionary and compelling user experiences involving presence. Nuvixa’s platform will enable users to experience exciting new applications where video and audio are integrated into the user interface, where remote video collaborations are fluidly integrated into applications for productivity, education, and entertainment. Nuvixa creates a virtual green screen capability to imbed presence into digital settings. Nuvixa is based on technology to be licensed from the University, which was developed by Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty Sanjay Patel and Wen Mei Hwu. Sanjay Patel is leading the formation of Nuvixa, he was previously on the management team of AGEIA Technologies, a startup that was acquired in 2008 by Nvidia. Nuvixa demonstrated its technology at TEDxUIUC last month. The Nuvixa office will be located on the second floor of EnterpriseWorks.