Next Generation of Wearables? Meet Rithmio

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: April 22, 2014

Rithmio, a startup building advanced fitness wearables technology that is based at EnterpriseWorks, was the focus of a Sunday feature in the (Champaign) News-Gazette business section.

CEO Adam Tilton, a doctoral student, is developing the gesture-recognition device to help athletes monitor what they’ve done in practice. The device is built on technology originally developed in the lab of his adviser, Prashant Mehta, an associate professor of mechanical science and engineering. The article discusses TIlton and Mehta’s experience in the NSF I-Corps program and how that helped Tilton move the technology forward with a customer in mind. 

Exactly what course the company will take from here hasn’t been determined. “We’re exploring all options,” Tilton said. The company may end up collaborating with a larger firm, licensing its software or engaging in a joint venture — or it may end up preparing to build its own device.

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